Ex boyfriend says he wants me, but wants to make sure that were not making a rush decison and making a mistake, how can I handle being patient?

After 7 months of being apart, it was always difficult for the both of us to fully move on from each other. During our relationship weve always rushed into breaking up and making up. After NC he came to realize that he wants me back and weve both come to trust and forgive after the time apart. he's mentioned to me that we need to let things go naturally, not force things and date others to see what were really worth in the end. Its hard to handle since I've been on dates and just want him. How do we go about this without hurting each other and working things out for the way theyre meant to be?


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  • How about you get to know each other from the start again, like a real fresh start, seeing each other on dates, without skipping any steps? :)


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