Why do cheating guys blame their partners for cheating?

why do they point their finger and say they did it because of their partner when clearly they're the ones who made a choice by cheating? I always think cheating is not a mistake because it is a choice. So if you cheated it is clearly your fault. Say your partner is someone who neglects or ignores you or do things you don't like, still, cheating is not the best thing to do. It will never do any good. So why do you blame your partners? You have your own mind and own will, clearly it's your fault.


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  • To make it simple think of that time you swatted out and hit another kid. You were angry. You did not think it through. After you hit him you blamed him. You said it was his fault because he made you angry. Truth is you're responsible no matter how angry he makes you.

    Cheating is rarely a deliberate behavior based off of meticulous and malicious intent. Usually it is a matter of opportunity combined with prolonged suffering of some sort.


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  • Blame is not a black a white thing where one party takes 100% of the accountability.
    Just because they were the ones who chose to do it doesn't mean you're free from blame.

    If it happened to you, take this as a learning experience. Laying 100% of the blame on him is emotionally reassuring, but it won't help you in future relationships. Focus instead on figuring out what things you did wrong and try to improve them.

    • That doesn't make sense. You are never responsible, even in part, for the actions that befall you from others. If someone cheats on you due to some form of emotional duress unless you specifically are being malicious there's no way you're accountable.

    • Then go for a walk every day with gold rings and chains to a bad neighbourhood at midnight. You're not responsible, even in part, if you get robbed.

  • I've seen both genders so this quite a bit. But I completely agree that the cheaters are 100% at fault, and the only thing worse than a cheater is a cheater that blame's his/her behaviors on the relationship or on their partner. Ugh.


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