What if you found out that there's one thing given by your ex boyfriend before is now being used by his new girlfriend?

Recycling!! I mean, is it normal? Is it fine?

Here's the thing.

My ex-boyfriend gave me this teddy bear on our last year's Valentine's day. And then we broke up a couple of months after. And then now, my friends sent me photos of my ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend hugging my teddy bear. Yea, I left that teddy bear when I moved out from his place.

So now, I felt bad. Because I think it's some kind of bullshit. Or am I just over reacting? LMAO.


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  • Man times are really tough. Giant Teddy Bears are expensive so it makes sense to try to use them to get into two girls' pants instead of just one.

    Wait no it doesn't! Fuck that. Go tell that girl how much of a cheapskate your ex is.

    • I agree. It was kinda expensive, maybe that was why he recycled it. He's just showing how broke as fuck he is now. LOL

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  • I actually have a giant teddy bear that got orphaned in a breakup like that lol. I helped my university roommate pick it out at the time so he just gave it to me.



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  • Since he is your ex, he is your past. I think memories are still fresh so you felt weird but as times goes by you wouldn't think about it anymore :)

  • lol I would feel worst for his current gf!