Meeting boyfriend's jealous ex...?

So tomorrow I'm having dinner with my boyfriend's two best friends who are girls and a girl (sex-crazed chick, not over exaggerating at all!) who my boyfriend had an on and off dating/friends with benefits relationship for five years. My boyfriend is NOT a big fan of her now.

She has a boyfriend, but she had cheated on her boyfriend in the past with my boyfriend. Once in the 3 months that we have been dating has she tried to get at him and failed.

I'm afraid that when we're there she will try things right in front of me and try to test me/my reactions to whatever she does. How should I handle that situation?


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  • So Im confused why does your bf keep someone like that around if she A) does not respect his relationship with you, B) cheats on her bf C) is not a fan of her

    Honestly if it were me Id ask she not go, cancel the whole thing, meet the other best friend with out the drama llama friend.

    Then talk to your bf about this chick. I would not want someone around my s/o who did not respect our relationship.

    If he says she is his friend, you should tell him that friends understand boundaries. This chick cheats, and causes drama. She is bad news. Get away from her


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  • To me keep your cool. It would bother her more the fact she can't get you to react as long as your bf doesn't do anything to ruin your relationship just enjoy the night unless she takes it to far of coruse then just tell her to cut her shit. But im sure your bf won't let anything to get out of hand if so just leave be the better person.
    Plus if she knows she can get to you she do it more so dont let it bother you. Enjoy the night she prob abit jealous and you got the guy not her. So dont worry about it until something happens.


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  • keep calm. or at least fake it. a reaction is exactly what she wants and you will not give it to her! show her that he's YOURS noww, he's moved on and so should she. Show her whos boss!

  • Be calm, be friendly and don't let her get to you. The more dignified you are, the more immature and petty she will look.

  • This whole situation is sketch. He's still fcking her.. for sure.


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