What does ' I don't know what to say to this' mean?

Hi. I am being silly here. My ex broke up with me 2 months ago. Basically she wanted someone who is a bit more of a bast**d like her ex boyfriend. I am more of a nice guy according to her mum (pay for everything, look after her, predictable etc).

I was hurt but after a period of NC I am fine and now moving forward with my life.

I saw her yesterday and we chatted for a bit. She tried to put me down with some comments as I am now looking better (thanks to the gym during NC) and more relaxed. I still care about her as we had a lot of good memories.

I said - Hopefully in time we could become good friends.

Her answer was - I don't know what to say for this!

Sorry for being dumb. Does that mean no or don't know?


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  • I think it means she's not sure if she wants to be friends with you or not.


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  • She literally does not know what to say to that. Nobody has been that nice to her before and she is always with bastards. She had a chance to learn how to respond to kindness though, and decided it wasn't for her. There is no explaining a woman's taste.

    More than likely she won't be your friend though, even as nice of a gesture as it was. The mere thought of being treated properly makes her uncomfortable.


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  • I think she stilll have personal issues to sort and being friends with her isn't a good idea.

  • Well first off where are you I need a man like that... jk.. But that sounds like a no to me...


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