Why did my ex send me a drink at the bar?

So my ex and I are in college and had an amazing 3 months together, and up until the day he broke up with me he couldn't get enough of me -- constantly needing my attention, wanting me to come over, etc. I was his first girlfriend. He wanted to break up because I am moving to New York after graduation, and said he didn't want our feelings to get more hurt by continuing out the semester for one more month and then me leaving for good. So, in a way, it was a situational break up. But it still didn't make any sense to me because he and I were inseparable just the day before.

I was very upset for a few days and even sent him a huge text wanting to get back together, but he has just caught off all emotions towards me and was being very cold. He has been hooking up with girls at the bar ever since a few weeks ago. I have not so much as kissed another guy.

We were both at the bar yesterday, he saw me flirting with two guys and had the bartender send me a drink from him (even though he had brought his ex hook-up before me with him to the bar). Why would he send me a drink? Out of jealousy/to get my attention? Or was this malicious?


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  • All the wheels and clogs in a clock do different things. But together they make things go on. What he is thinking we don't know and probably won't know. What you're thinking he does not know and probably won't. But together they make things go on. You being with those guys provoked him to send you thy drink, supposedly. Otherwise, he was being downright polite. Which is unlikely. Jealousy can spark things that have already been burnt fully. He sees you with those two guys... And he says 'no one is fucking my ex'. It's just his way to maintain dominance. You were in a bar... The most convenient and obvious thing to do would be send you a drink for your attention, no?

    Trying to take out of his mind what he was or is thinking is simply impossible. But from this I hope you can work from there. If you love the guy... Go get him. You know his weak spot now. If you don't... Then best not rub it I'n his face. Especially in a bar filled with alcohol.


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