could my ex still have feelings for me?

my ex still comes into the gym I work at regularly, and today when he went to swipe his card the machine went off, so I got the problem fixed and he kept joking around with me and he smiled and I caught him looking at me a few times, but he didn't want it to seem obvious. we broke up about four days ago. I found out a couple hours after my ex broke up with me he made a dating website, so I made one too. and he viewed my profile the first time I made my account than I deleted it, and a couple days later I made a new one and he viewed it again and than right after viewing my account he deleted his dating website. he also unfriended me from Facebook because he didn't like a status I posted. so afterwards I posted a picture and he texted me saying " I like how you post things like we meant absolutely nothing, I really wish we can be friends but apparently not" I asked him about his dating website and he said "my buddy made it" and that he "honestly doesn't get on it" he also said he can never hate me, im a great person, he'll always love me and never forget me. I told him I wanted to be friends and he told me we still can but we need a little time to not be jealous of each other. should I wait about a week or two before contacting him about being friends?


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  • Waiting a week sounds reasonable, it sounds like things are tense now so minimal contact sounds like a good plan


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