We broke up three weeks ago and I miss him. Should I tell him?

He moved out without telling me (after 3 years and half of relationship and 1 year and half of living together) , but saying we were still together when I confronted him about it; then we didn't see one another for three weeks to finally break up.
I still love him but need him to act responsibly and commit to me.
My soul misses him though...should I tell him I miss him?
We haven't contacted each other since the break up.
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  • I think you should give it more time to see if he contacts you first. If he still doesn't contact you after so much time then I guess it wouldn't do no harm if he told him you missed him.Did he give you a reason why he wanted to move out? 3 years is a very long committment and it would be a shame if you and him couldn't work things out.

    • I want to get married and all of his actions were directed towards himself instead of our relationship. He moved out because he hated the place...when we tried to move the year before though he didn't want to go anywhere... Many things played with us being where we are now. It is both our fault.
      I knew he wasn't fully a man yet, responsible and mature...but i thought if not for himself, he would grow for our relationship...that being with me will make him want to become an adult. While I just realized today that for most Americans they need to be settled as a man before thinking about commitment..
      I can try and wait to see how I feel in a few weeks. The more time passes by the worst I have been feeling though.

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    • Reading you is very helpful to me. Thank you for giving me your opinion here. You know, all I want is to create a family...so putting my mind to it is always putting my mind back to him.
      I'll let him come back to me though, if he ever does. I think that if I don't nothing would ever change...and that would mean saying goodbye to my dreams so...thank you for the reminder ;).

    • Your very welcome. I agree he should come back to you.And that is good that you want to create a family, etc. I still believe he will come back to you.Things will get better for you.

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  • He moved out without telling you and then lied to you saying you were still together upon confrontation...
    Doesn't sound like a very brave guy and who cares about someone he dated and lived together with for so long, to say the least.
    I wouldn't be the first to contact him if I could help it.

  • he moved out without telling you? I wouldn't see that as responsible behaviour. did you sense this coming? i would let him contact me if i were you.
    missing someone whom you are with for 3 years plus is normal and it is not possible to move on immediately...but time heals...


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