Does my ex still feel something for me?

My ex and I live together! We've been apart 5 months and he left me for a girl a work! she isn't interested in him for anything else other than sex! He's bought he expensive gifts etc but she's still turned him away! just recently when I was crying he was hugging me, whilst hugging me I told him I missed him, to which he replied with I miss you too, I'd be lying if I said I didn't! His behaviour is very confusing, one minute he flirts the next he's cold! last night I was walking round in a tshirt and thong and he was just in his pants and neither of us mention it or see it as a problem! Do you think he regrets his decision or just trying to get sex? When I confront him about his behaviour we just argue cause he doesn't feel its an issue and that I'm over analysing! I always feel though that there's something he wants to say but is holding back from!


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  • Whatever it is, you should not be with him.


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