How do I get over him fast?How do I take the next relationship more slowly?

My boyfriend quit talking to me. I'm taking this as a ball-less way to break up. He was my first guy & we went our for 4 months. (Yeah I know...'oh 4 months. No big deal!')

I'm a 24 year old virgin...a conquest for most men. Right?

I'm NOT saying I'm going out to find a new guy right now. I can't; that'd spell disaster. But if & when I do get another do I go about taking things more slowly?


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  • What makes you think you are going too fast?

    Because from what you've said, you seem to be going at the right 'slowness' already, you are still a virgin aren't you.

    • Yes I am...but he's mad BC I don't yank off his pants & blow him every time we're together. I've never had a guy before him, I don't have siblings to talk about stuff with! I'm sorry I'm hesitant about sucking a cock! We did oral stuff & anal a couple times. I hand jobbed him too mostly...we slept in the same bed together. Too much I guess...

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