Is there a way i could move back with dad?

So im 15(a bit young for this site but i need help) my parents are divorced, they live 3000 miles from eachother and my mom is a sociopathic lying cunt while my father is a relaxed funny bro like guy and when i was 12 i was forced to move with my mom 3000 miles across country and deal with her bullshit and its been 3 fucking years i am going through depression and would do anything in the world to ditch this bitch to move back with my dad but, the cruel bitch forbid me to see the psychologist/therapist (im not that smart) that was to decide where i moved and everyday i grow more depressed and starting to get suicidal thoughts i am in fact crying as i type this, what can i do? i need help


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  • Not sure about every state, but in most states you are old enough to decide who you want to live with, legally. Does your dad want you to live with him too? If so, custody can be changed through the court if your mom wants to fight it.

    • I am not sure what my dad wants, he told me last year he would try but he had to get me a visit with the psychologist which my mother forbid, my mom would likely fight and i dont think either of them are in an economically stable enough situation to fight the battle.

    • Until you can move in with your dad, your issue now is how to deal with your mom to make it bearable until something changes. I hate to hear anyone think that suicide is ever an option. These next few years are a very short time when you think of the rest of your life. Even though it seems like you'll never get through it, you will! Use your shitty situation to motivate you to plan how you will move on.

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  • Talk to your dad and let him know that you really dislike it at your moms place and that you would be better off with him. As your parent he should be understanding and able to process this and work with you and your mom on a solution


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