Ladies, i made this hand crafted thing for a girl, but didn't get to give it to her?

So i made this hand crafted thing for the girl i loved.(It's a holiday, once a year). I didn't give it to her, because we didn't get together and haven't talked as friends. We bumped into eachother once and said hi.
I don't feel like throwing it away, but i don't know if i should give it to her?
What to do.
Re-read the message and i find it a bit confusing. Sorry

* things didn't go well, we didn't get together and we fell apart and stopped talking from that point on. We ONCE bumped into each other and said hi, but that's it.


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  • Made for her give it to her!

    • Do you think she'd accept it? I mean, it's one thing i want to give it to her, but i wonder if she wants it now...

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    • yes i got your response. I guess i'll try. I'm asking because i don't know how she feels about someone reaching to her to give her some handcrafted gift.
      It has sentimental value for me and it might get awkward for her.
      should i tell her i actually made it when we were talking with each other?
      She might be thinking "what the hell does he want from me? What is he up to?"

    • Yes do mention that

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  • Don't give it to her, it would be weird out of the blue
    I would wait until a birthday or Christmas or something before giving it to her

    • Yeah but i figured that giving it to her on a regular day ( not her birthday, not Christmas, so on) would make it less emotionally charged moment. I don't think she wants that, especially we haven't talked/hanged out in months...

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