My ex is upset I'm with someone else so soon?

Should I feel guilty?

We broke up 2 months ago, we had been together for about half a year at that point and turns out he never wants to get married or have kids, but well I do so I broke up.
And then a month ago, I met someone else. I know it's soon but I met him, he's a great guy, so I gave it a shot and I don't feel bad about it really

Now my ex has been calling me saying he wants to get back together and now suddenly wants a family further down the road. When I told him that I'm with someone else, he was shocked, he said "wow, don't you think that's a little early. I would never do that to you"
Do what to me? We broke up, how am I the bad guy here? And it's not like we had been together 20 years either, just over 5 months


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  • Sucks for him. You were wise enough to break up with him because you want to get married and start a family but he doesn't. You don't owe him anything.


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  • He lost you the realized what he lost is not too soon at all...its not like your trying to marry the guy. I do understand where he is coming must be hard for him but tell him " dont be mad once you see that he wants it, if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it " ;)


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  • You're fine if he's a good guy yhen stay with him he's just jealous that you've found someone else and that he isn't as special as he though just move on.


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