Steps to getting an ex back, are there any? (Guys perspective)?

Is there anything a former ex or ex did that attracted you to them all over and made you forget all the negatives, if so what did she do? Distance? Looked better? Became happier or the girl you first fell in love with?


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  • I think needing a break could solve it if you have spent too much time together. If you can live with it of course. That did work for me one time, however, the "comeback" didn't last too long. i wouldn't put too much energy on it, haven't had good experiences with it


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  • I totally understand why you want men's opinions on this, and it could do with why you two broke up, I'm not sure. But as a woman, I can tell you the best thing you can do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and become the best YOU that you can be. Yes this is attractive to the opposite sex in general, as well as to an ex, if they still have any shred of care for you left. But most importantly, it is the best thing for you, for no matter what happens next, be it you two get back together or stay broken up. It is the best move in your life right now, to take care of yourself and love yourself and do nice things for yourself and move on as if he never existed.


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