Impending breakup with girlfriend I live with?

I am currently living with my girlfriend of 4 years and things just aren't as they used to be. I feel this relationship spiraling downward and I seem to not have any ambition to save it. She is really pushing me to get married and I'm just not for it right now, and lately more than ever it seems she has nothing but negative things to say/talk about. I try to approach her about my thoughts on marriage and she gets really upset. I do love my girlfriend, I just don't feel in love with her. I feel like we are to young to be this serious, ( we are both 22 years old) I just want to go live life! I feel like a break up is imminent. There are a few problems with this situation, number one being we live together. I also don't believe that she is aware of our crumbling relationship, there are a few other things that make me feel like I should wait this out and see if things get better. She gets along really well with my family and we have a dog together that I don't think I could live without. But everyday it's more drama and negative attitude, I just don't think I can handle it much longer. Is there any advice out there on how to approach this with the most positive outcome. Obviously there is more to the story than this, but from what you can gather any advice is helpful


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  • well first just because you get married doesn't mean that you are to serious to live life. mostly in western culture it fairly common for couple to live together before getting married but after four years she has probably past the point of asking why you don't want to comment and that will defiantly increase any negative attitude she has towards you and makes your relationship harder , maybe it was you that didn't realize how rocky y'all relationship actual was.
    Basically you have to set down and talk no matter how uncomfortable it may be and you have to consider her point of view and well as tell her yours. Basically she wants more commitment form you a marriage certificate and a ring to show others your are commented to her if you love her great but if the fighting drama and negative attitude has you so discussed that you can't get over it (been there) then let her know maybe she will want to try to work on it or maybe she will just want to move on.
    As far as a break up while living together that can turn nasty. whose name is on the apartment lease or tittle the other one need to consider where to move but if both names your stuck until the end of the lease.

    Custody of the dog now I take that as a serious matter !!! you mite need to get a lawyer and go to court for the dog

    • Thanks for the MH

      Hope it all works out for you or at least you get custody of the

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  • Dump her, but let her know why - it's her drama and negative attitude that drove you away.


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