Confused on break up, what to do?

My now ex girlfriend just broke up with me this past Saturday. She basically said she is young and wants to have fun (which I understand) and that we are opposites and that she feels I am holding her down. We had a long distance relationship (CT/NY), but we both prefer long distance. Now she asked me if she ever wanted me back would I take her back and I told her I don't know and she got all mad. I know in both of our minds our relationship was not suppose to end so soon but she is afraid that she will hurt me but yet turns around and says she doesn't want to see me with someone else. I guess I just need a little help on what I should think/feel about this situation. I am in denial on thinking that it's over but I think that is because it just ended a few days ago.


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  • You're going into it with the wrong mentality. She's young? Want's to have fun? And you understand? In that case you shouldn't be in any relationships. Live as libertines. Friends with benefits only. Know what I mean?

    Instead you're supposedly getting involved with people that don't really want to be tied down, so what's the point? Keep your emotions out of it, just fuck, make out, whatever.

    Dating is supposed to be you finding someone you want to be with the rest of your life.


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