Any signs that a guy is dating someone else or happy with the new boo?

So Obviously I have a problem with begin a little obsessive with my ex dating life. Well anyways my ex and I still talk on a day to day bass at work then and there we have are short conversation. But I don't know if it true or not: and it may and may not be and I really should not care what he dose. But lately I been going to psychics to get info and answers from them. But I realize that some of them are not always 100% accurate and I really should not be talking to them or going to them about anything. But when I ask them questions about my ex: like is he dating anyone, or is he seeing someone, or how dose he feel about me an so on. And more then enough of them say that there is another lady , or he is seeing someone else, or no he's not dating anymore or he's single. But lately I been hearing from them that there is another person. But see he never share this info with me he's and ex but at less I can know but I guess I don't ask him either. But he told me like last week that he didn't want to work on us anymore so in my mind I was thinking ok maybe there's another person here. And that's ok with me but before that just the week before that he told me that he was single and that him and some girl broke up and him and I ended up having sex. But now last week you don't want to be with me and how we should stay friends I never said anything to him about getting back together. Gee we been together three different times so yea next lol. But anyways I have asked the psychics some of them was he happy in his new relationship with this girl. And some say yes and others say no he's not, and when I ask why not. They say b.c he really wants to be with me and that he still loves, like me, and have feelings for me still and that he will be back. But I'm like umm ok he wasn't happy with her then I don't think he would he would be with her and if he wanted me back then he would have took me back. And I just want to see if there really is a new girl so I can move on.


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  • Wow... to be young again, lol! ;D If this guy is within your age group then he IS young and also in the sexual prime of his life. This means he is going to be interested in any girl that might offer him sex as its what he thinks about 24/7. This doesn't make him a bad person, he just can't help it. Its hard for you to understand as it was for me too until I entered my sexual prime (which happens for women in their 30's). The desire for sex while in your sexual prime is similar to always being hungry while constantly having to smell your favorite food cooking, lol. And every attractive woman he see's is holding the plate! ;D Bottom line is, Im sure he does like you and guarantee he will accept your offers of sex every time but use caution to avoid getting yourself hurt emotionally. In other words, don't take it personal and know that just because the two of you have sex does not mean he's in love and wants to be with only you. That is how we women think and wish men could feel the same way when it comes to sex but its completely different for them. It makes matters worse for the guy in their sexual prime as sex is NOTHING but a thing. They'd have it as casually as a hand shake if women extended it as such! Sure he likes you, and sure he may also have liked the girl he was with last week and promise you he'll probably be interested in the new one that has yet to walk through the door. And so he can't even think about settling down to a relationship as he's having too much fun 'playing the field'. Most men in their sexual prime have few relationships, many interests & a high turn over rate when it comes to girlfriends. This is why you've been getting such various answers from Psychics and Tarot too. He's doing it all! Nothing you can do about it either honey but wait it out and see if he comes around. Time will tell who he decides to settle down with but at your age it could be a long wait. So just move on and you'll eventually find someone you like better.

    • Yes thank you :-). And I found out that he's not dating anyone now. But he has and did go out on a few dates with this one girl.. I mean I'm sure he likes her or may just like her company I don't know. But he hasn't been himself and don't seem very happy like he use to with me when we was together. Some times I just want to give him a hug but he turn me away for someone else. I mean its kind of hard when u had someone for a while and its tought when you don't have them anymore for some of us to let go and others can do it well and not care. But I do care for him deeply and I do haft to move on its just about I want to see if there really is another so I can get the hint and move on. I'm more of a person wants to see it and not just hear about it from people and people that can read others. But he's always going to be my friend.. I just miss him a lot and miss him an us together. But other then that its this other guy that I really do like. :-)

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