Do you ever call tampons "pons" for short?

I feel like it'd be fun because you could call it pads and pons, so is this a thing and why or why not?

Girls, is it worth at any time to wonder if a girl flirts with a guy once she seems to behave strangely positive?

I seemed to have such situations sometimes lately, but since other guys often told me "nah, that's normal, I somehow gave up on that....

Would it be weird to start talking to them now?

So I wanted to talk to this girl but everyone thinks I’m shy and don’t talk cause I stay in my small group of friends and I don’t talk...

To leave or stay?

So I’ve been seeing this guy since November... kind of. And it’s all on again an off again. But he only ever hangs out when he’s...

Why are females of this age so patronising towards nice people?

They all patronise nice guys. When i I say nice, I don’t mean the type that wants sex because he bought you a drink, I’m talking...

Would you feel a certain way if a guy who you are currently dating, is liking/hearting other females pics on fb/Instagram?

So I’m dating long distance, and we been talking for about 4 1/2 months. I’ve been trying to make things work between us by going to see...


What do you think of this rady × my melody tropical pink hairband?

the my melody face keeps the front hair out of your face so you don't have to
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;Are girl who smoke a turnoff?

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Girls, Why did this girl come in front of me and do this?

so I was waiting for class to start today. We were all standing outside and I was just looking at the front door of the classroom...


Do You like to "Bruk Out"?

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