Ever decided to leave it on hold because of bad timing?

Ever dated a amazing girl or a guy but decided to pull back because the timing wasn't right, and you were afraid if you kept dating that person you know you would develope feelings and that would be a problem because you needed to sort things out?
Even though you really liked her and things were great, but you decide to stop contacting and initiating dates.

And you would tell her that you aren't looking for anthing serious at the moment because you dont have time for it.. but you want to remain friends.


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  • Yeah, I wish to focus on my future career and she said she'll wait for me.

    Touching, but I really think she could do better than me for now. But if she's willing to wait I'll do my best to deal with my problems and be ready to be with her.

    • Do you still contact her? and in my situation he is doing the same too, but im not waiting but i mean i liked him a lot and he said he liked me to on our last date, than he pulled back..

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    • Do you regrett "letting her go" ? i mean did you like her a lot?

    • Very much, but I do have times where I just want to see her happier than to how much I can bring to her. If it happens, I'm sure I'll find someone far greater. However we'll have to see as time passes, we won't know the answer until then if we'll keep our word.

  • I did. Thing is we didn't date. We lived in the same area. I know i loved her, but i realized timing is bad and i told her that if we get together now IT WON'T WORK. And maybe it's better to stay friends for now.
    she said i'm seeing things and she actually doesn't like me after she sent me all kinds of signs.
    It hurt me so bad she denied it, that i thought it's better to go away for good. We haven't talked since then. I'm still hurting because i'm confused: i mean, i know what i've seen, yet she denied it like that. If i did really "see things" then again, best thing to do: get away from her.


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