Slept with girl, talking a lot on phone, yet won`t commit?

Been talking to this girl 3 months now, finally got a few chances to hang out with her, prior to this week only hung out maybe 3 times.

The past two weeks, weve been talking on the phone every night, and hanging out everyday this past week.

One night it escalated quickly after a few drinks at the bar. Was a good night.

The next day, she texts me saying I was cute the night before, how attractive I was, etc etc.

That same night, she says I`m not looking for a relationship, even though all she keeps saying is how she wants to meet a guy who likes her for her personality not looks, and is wanting to settle down. She also says that I`m the only guy that likes her for her and understands her.

Then the next day, she asks me to hang out and everything seems good again. So confused as to what she wants. Pretty sure she's still dating other guys, how do I make her just mine? This is a girl I would love to end up with if she was monogamous.


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  • Sit her down and talk to her about it. Let her know how you feel, ask her how she honestly feels. Figure out together whether or not you guys want to pursue a relationship together or not.


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  • Tell her, she might just be saying that to be self protective because she thinks you only want sex


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