so if your ex drunk dials you?

if your ex drunk dials (and texts) you, you miss it, and then call back a few days later only to have them say it was only to hook up and it was a mistake are they just being mean or trying to cover up their feelings?


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  • I wouldn't say it was for him to be mean because that doesn't really sound mean. If he really wanted to be mean he'd say something far hurtful. I'd probably say he just wanted to hook up. If he doesn't randomly text you or call you (except this one) then he doesn't miss you. You should take what he says at face value.

    • well, to be clear, he phrased it as "i was just drunk and wanted to fuck" so...

    • Okay then he really meant to be hurtful and didn't give a damn about your feelings. He's getting over you and trying to make you a bitch in his mind.

    • so in order to get over me he's making me a bitch? jeeze that's low

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  • It was just actual honesty to say it was a hook up. Being drunk will actually make you say things you didn't mean to say.

    Just take it for their word.

  • You dismiss that they called because they a loser ex drunkard and you have moved on and want more in your life and you wish them the best.


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