I am dating a guy and im not sure if i like him anymore. hit him or quit him?

I liked him at first but i'm moving on, things interesting anymore. I would just dump him but his last girlfriend cheated on him and i'm the only thing helping him recover.Should just keep dating him or let down. The fact is I can't break him again after his ex. I don't know what to do, because if I keep up the lie I might not be able to end it. HELP ME!!! So should I dump him or just go with it for now?

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  • "I would just dump him but his last girlfriend cheated on him and i'm the only thing helping him recover." No, you're not. Once, surprise, he figures out you don't actually like him he'll be like "WUT DA FLUB?" and feel worse.

    You should be marginally ashamed of yourself.

    • really now i feel bad

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    • then what

    • Sit him down, sigh, and then tell him it's not working out. You think he's boring after 90 days and you just need something more exciting than him. He's sort of like a rock and you're a bird; you just want to fly away but he's a burden. Ask him to let you soar into the future.

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  • How long have you two been dating? How long have you been a couple? Did you ever used to genuinely like him? or like him a lot?

    • About 3 months. I used to be in love with him but now the relationship has lost all of the adventure and is very bore-some.

    • Lol. You were never in love with him lolololololol how old are you? Are you in grade school?

      '' The relationship has lost the adventure.'' My god, I don't know where to even start. First off you need to dump this guy right this second and do him a huge favor.

      Second, you don't know what love is (Clearly.) Love is when you can do anything with someone and have the best time in the world.

    • i used to feel like that now we are kinda finding our separate ways, but its kinda me pushing me away I don't know

  • Wheres option "D"?

    " I want another dick to entertain me and buy me stuff like a child."


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