What do I need to do to make her like me again?

Here's the brief version. This girl and I started talking and eventually we admitted we had feelings for each other. She did a lot of initiating from the start and when we first met I just wanted to be friends. Eventually, she started to grow on me and I started to like her too. Everything was going great until she said she didn't want things to get weird between us and our friends and that she wanted to remain friends. I also got the classic "I just got out of a long term relationship and aren't really looking for another now" and she said she thought I liked her more than she liked me. This came as a shock, but I thought maybe she needed some time given the fact she did just get out of long relationship. So we went back to being friends pretty easily. I know she has been testing the waters and seeing some other guys but she has not said a word about any of this to me directly. The college semester is over and were both about to go back home for the summer (we're both from the same city). Its been about two months since our failed attempt. We haven't talked as much as we did before (as expected) but I still feel like something may be there. Is it possible she is still interested? How do I know and how do I handle the situation? My plan right now is to make minimal contact with her and just let her come to me. But, I don't want to make too much contact and look desperate or cut her off completely to the point where she thinks I've ditched her. So what do I need to do and how can I start over with her?


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  • next time just be straight forward with your feelings because every girl likes the fact a guy likes them plus if your honest with her she will be honest with you about stuff plus lifes to short to wonder go for every opportunity you can in life because you never know she could be the one for you and you won't look desparate contacting her most girls never get contacted anymore by a guy and usually its the girl putting so much effort in relationships so she probably won't put much effort in it without knowing for sure you like her so thats why you may have to show that you care first and be that man that is different from the others in her past once you have shown that she will put as much effort and be just as loyal as you are to her so i say go for it please tell her how you feel start out as being a friend for a month hanging out with her and communicating with her be flirty and at the end of the month express your feeling again for her but you getting close to her will give you a good chance with her and into becoming more with her you will understand her more and figure out a better way of appraoching her and date ideas and a lot by being her friend for a month i would try to talk to her about many different things to get to know her more and to be comfortable with her more like the question game and making her laugh and talking about funny stuff


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