Guys: what are some good instructional videos on how to approach/attract women?

what are some good instructional videos on how to approach and attract women on YouTube


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  • Do a practice session in reality.

    Hang out with a friend or so to a place where you can meet women and feel free to flirt.

    • I'm not going to flirt with a stranger

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  • make friends with a few women friends, so you can be natural to them. first, learn how to read signals before moving on how to pick up girls. learn how to read flirting stuff from ladies.
    also, be yourself.

    • What videos? I don't have women friends

    • you can find some books in library about women body language. i think first, try to hold a conversation or a longer one with any of your pals. whatever the conversation is, try to sound nice and appealing to the convo.
      once u comfortable then try to have friends with ladies, just platonic. you dont have to talk long. start with a few short talk then move on, after u get to know better then speak more.
      whenever you notice a women who is into you. and she is relatively like you, try to step up and talk to her.

      anything with hi, i'm Paul. how are you? will do. anything else please ask.