Which guy should I date? Out of these two choices?

A perfect guy that is harder to get
A guy that's not so perfect that I have a history with

The perfect guy is harder to get in the short term but might be easier to keep in the long term because there is a smaller age difference between us

the guy that I have a history with might be easier to get in the short term since he used to love me very much but he might be harder to keep in the long term because he is a lot younger than me

I loved the guy I have a history with a lot more because we hung out with each other on a daily basis but he doesn't have an education as far as I know and might not make a lot of money later on leading to fights over money, high expectations about perfecting your life, and possible difficulties enrolling children in safe and good schools.

The guy that is harder to get is very wealthy - so wealthy he lives on investments and doesn't work for a living - but I only loved him a little bit.


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  • History is treasury.
    I don't know if thats a saying but I am going to make it one.


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  • It sounds to me like you've got your head up your ass.

    You're being very materialistic about this... which is fine. If that's what you want then by all means, I'm not trying to judge. I'm just making observations.

    Go with Mr. Perfect. He's the one with the money that you crave and desire. You even call him "perfect" although you don't really care about him, kind of odd, don't you think?

  • If you cannot choose between the 2, chuck em both out and look for number 3;.


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  • lol you went way into the future with these each guy sounds like me thinking about my future before it happens well money isn't everything there's no telling what your future will be like with the guy that doesn't make a lot but don't let him not being educated make you think he can't get far in life because a lot of people who don't go to college can be just as sucessful as anyone who has been in college plus it is a lot of money debt would just make things worser for you after college plus it would be hard maintaining a life after college you got to pay off debt and get a lot of stuff on your own then paying bills so in this case what he's doing is smart then the fact people that do have all these higher degrees its hard for them to find jobs and then now a days jobs are looking for you to have a degree in more than one thing just to get the job is a waste of money when you can teach yourself a lot on your own so what im trying to say go for the guy that makes you happy and that you love because love can get you threw a lot more in life it won't only make you happy but you will have the support and motivation to keep going in life especially if you start a family with this person and as long as your child is in a safe school and get educated hun your kid will be smart especially because your smart to even think about your kids future even if you don't have kids right now believe in yourself because you are way smarter then you think :) smile

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