What happens now? Where do we stand? Please help!

So the other night I went to prom with a friend of mine. We had a great time. We had both decided to go to prom as friends but later on in the night he said that he knew we were only going as friends but he really wants to kiss me. I told him go for it. He kissed me twice. But now I'm confused. Where do we stand? Was it just a one time thing or more? Part of me feels like he's going to just pretend it never happened which is why I'm scared to ask him where we go from here. I'm
Confused. Any advice? Pls help!


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  • I think you should ask yourself how you feel and where do you stand with him. Do you want to pursue something else with him or do you wish to remain friends? The kiss could be a subtle hint that he would like to pursue something else with you but you would need to ask him. If you do ask him, his response will indicate if he is interested or not. Make sure to ask him alone though as that will get you a better and more truthful response.


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