I need help with a guy…I have no idea what to do!!!

Ok, so late last year I went on an amazing date with this guy I meet at work. He chased me for a while but there was an good chemistry and heaps of flirting.

Anyway, eventually he came over to my house and I guess expected sex. However, I am a virgin but still let things get pretty far. When he left I knew he was disappointed and I planed on telling him the next time. I know I hurt him pretty bad but honestly I was just embarrassed and wanted sex too I just knew I should tell him before but couldn't find the words.

He then wouldn't met up but I eventually told him. He was so nice about it and was totally understanding.

I now see him weekly at work and on the days that I know I will see him I am a total mess. When I see him I get nervous and my heart starts to race. He doesn't pay as much attention to me but I do catch him staring and he is nice when we get chatting. It almost seems like he is playing it cool.

I get so worked up when I see him and I feel I need to say something as I do still have feelings for him but I don't want to embarrass myself further or seem desperate. What should I say to him?

I have tried everything to move on and I just can't. I have always had a crush on him and I know I just stuffed things up. I really just want to give him a hug and apologise but I think he will just think I am an over thinker and desperate!!!

Please help me with any suggestions!!!


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  • You need to go towars him , talk and hug him no matter you sound desperate. This will show your feelings. After noticing that a girl is serious for me, he may think over it.
    May be he approached you with intention of having sex and you don't want the guy who is with you only for sex isn't it?
    Showing some seriousness in your feelings will discover the truth behind his approach.
    Spread your heart in front of him. He will not kick you because you confessed something that was always in your mind.
    Release all your thoughts...if you follow it, you will benefit from this.
    Keeping things in mind will not solve any purpose.


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  • Sweet lady, tomorrow is another day. There are 3.5 Billion guys out there so take your pick.

  • You are over thinking it, and you do sound maybe a little desperate. Just ask him (or send him a note) saying "Listen, can we maybe do another date, and see how things go? I had a great time last time."

    That's all. It's easy.


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