Is it bad that I have not had a long term relationship?

I only started being bothered about having a bf, from when I was 19. That was when I had my first bf.

We was together 4 months, which was a good experience. He was too young for commitment so we split. I was crushed ofcourse.

Since then been out with 3 more guys. All short term. Lasted few months each of them. One was controlling, the other a liar, and then I had a cheat. So not good guys I've met.

I have wanted long term, just not picked or met right kind of guys. I don't want guys to be put off me due to that. As I am a kind, supportive, fun, respectful girl who would love a ltr.

Guy I'm dating, longest gf was 3 years. Just told him 4 months for me. So I guess I feel a bit embarassed or something. He did say you have not had luck with males. I said yeah I agree.


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  • It's only a bad thing if you've had sex with most or all of them. You're on the straight and narrow though so it's more of a thing to be respected.

    • No none of them. As they were such short relationships that I figured out they didn't love me or want to know me. They wanted bj and sex only after charming me and making out they wanted more.

    • Yup. So don't feel bad about it. Don't let any other dickhead let you feel bad about it either. You're being responsible. As I said, that commands a lot of respect.

    • Thanks very much :)

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  • Guys won't be put off by it though I can understand your concern. It's not a bad thing at all. Your time will come eventually.