Does this guy like me or is he just being friendly? Help please?

Ross works in my local bar part time he's 24. He started working there last summer. He was quiet to start with but I'd always smile and say hi to him just to be nice.

However as time went on, I noticed him looking at me a lot when I was in the bar and so did my friends. One night my friends and I were talking about our exs and when mine was mentioned he screwed up his face and looked uncomfortable.

Next time I visited the bar he was working and I noticed him smiling and looking in my direction a lot. I smiled back of course. I ended up getting a bit too drunk that night, so he walked me home safely and gave me his hoody to keep me warm.

What confused me was I got told he'd started seeing a girl. And I started noticing her around at the bar a bit more...she always stared at me too. Even when she was there though he kept sneaking glances at me.

So I came to the conclusion that he most likely is involved with the girl in some way. I decided not to visit the bar as often because I realised I liked him and felt I'd missed my chance.

Anyway I ran into him last night on my way home. He was with a group of others too so we stopped and chatted. I hugged him and he squeezed me asking how I'd been. He said 'I haven't saw you in a while, where have you been?' so I made up a lame excuse.

I noticed when I was talking to the others in the group he kept his eyes on me and looked away when I caught him. One of the girls said to him 'isn't she (me) such a beautiful girl Ross? she's lovely' and Ross replied without hesitating 'she is, yes' and smiled at me.

With that, I hugged everyone goodbye and when I hugged him he said 'I'll see you soon' and smiled.

My problem is that I don't know if he likes me as a friend or more?


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  • Right this is the third time I've seen this question...

    Who is this Ross and why have I seen three identical questions about him in the space of a week?

    Once again I'll explain that he sounds as if he's just being friendly. I know you explained that you live in a small village and your friends go in the pub without you. Don't you think you're obsessing a little bit about this issue?


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  • On this case, I think he loves you more than just a friend or work colleague coz if he don't he won't consider you a lot of time or reassure you and care about you ^-^


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  • He finds you attractive so he likes you more than just a friend, but he is shy/bashful to show his feelings of liking you.

  • Sounds like he likes your looks, but seems into you if he said where have you been. Clear sign he's missed seeing you around.

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