For those of you who've had good luck and actually formed relationships from online dating: What's the trick? Am I doing something wrong?

I like online dating, as it helps save time getting to know some basic info about a person that you'd normally not know until the date itself, so you can weed out some people more quickly.

I can't seem to keep a guy around more than a month or two talking online (most of which I was willing to meet in person), and those I've met don't seem to last any longer than 2 dates.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? What can I do to find better guys online?

(I'm open to meeting guys the old fashioned way, but I don't really have enough free time or hobbies/places to meet anyone, which is why I started the online think in the first place)


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  • be yourself. My fiance and i met about a month after talking and met up on New year's eve. Don't wait longer than a month though. I was on Let yourself flirt. be honest with any of the guys of what you want.

    • I'm always upfront about what I want and I'm always myself. The problem is the guys - Like I said, after a date or two they just cut contact and I don't know why it keeps happening. They always seem so interested.

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  • what sites are you using?
    -make sure you are using reputable sites as many do post fake or use old profiles just to show options. a lot of the more reputable sites are more expensive.

    Also be patient. It is more of numbers game with online dating for a lot of people as you have sort of sift through all the potential guys

    Once you meet someone, especially if you do feel an instant connection, still try and play it cool-ish. it's still a process of getting to know someone and you want to remain cool, calm and collected

    Show your interest. Don't feel afraid to initiate conversations.

    I dated online and it's how I met my fiancé. It was a long process and definitely at times felt like it was going nowhere. I was patient and also didn't allow myself to stop looking to meet people in the more traditional way.

    • I have accounts on both Plenty of Fish and OKCupid. OKC seems to have better people overall, but still, nothing serious has become of the dates I've had with the few guys who actually met me in person. How long did it take you to meet your fiancee after you started looking online?

    • I had absolutely 0 luck with POF. I've heard of one person meeting someone on there. To me it seemed more like a site for people looking for hookups or maybe just friendship

  • i have yet to even get 1 date from online dating sites. and any convos i have with anyone from those sites ends up being online and no more.

  • There's no trick. I met my wife online. We talked for about three days online. Went for a date on the weekend and the rest is history. There's just a lot of people playing games just like the old fashioned way. Just be patient and the right one will come along


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  • I met my boyfriend on a dating website and the think is I didn't keep it online for a long time. We talked a little, told the basics and he asked me to meet him. The best is not to wait a long time before meeting in real life.
    I met other men before him and it didn't work out but with my boyfriend, we talked for two weekend online and not everyday, when we met it just felt right.
    Waiting one or two month is a long time.

    • That's the problem, I can't really help if it takes a while, because I'd prefer to meet someone closer to where I'm from, but I'm about 5 hours away at school.

  • Well talk to guys you wouldn't in real life. Don't pay too much attention to looks also. Talk to a nice guy, share info then arrange a date. Don't wait long but just be safe when meeting up.

  • I don't think there's a "trick" to it. When I started forming online relationships (friendships, dating, etc.) I just told myself I was going to be 100% myself. That person would either love me for it or go along their way. It isn't the end of the world if something doesn't work out. Right now I am in an ldr with someone I've met online and things have been going well for over a year now.. Just be yourself