How would you define/ what is casual dating?

Here recently I've been hearing this term a lot and don't ever remember it back in college so I'm curious...from a women's perspective what would you define casual dating as. What makes you go from casual dating to normal dating (didn't know proper term)? When casually dating someone how long does it take you to make the transition from casual to normal?


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  • casual dating in my opinion is someone you see a few times a week maybe 2 times a week. when you start to really like someone and they start to really like you that changes the relationship where you may end up seeing them more often. You will no when the time is right just by the nature of the relationship. if you guys talk every day or every other day or text every day or every other day then you are going into a different direction. you can't put a amount of days or months that it will take going from casual dating to more serious it is different for every relationship.


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