At first everything was going great but suddenly he started texting less. I'm no good with these kinds of things but is he still interested possibly?

I met a guy I really like recently and everything was going amazing. All of a sudden though he's texting less and less. He says he wants to hang out a lot and everything but I'm confused. Although he wants to hang out he doesn't all that much anymore. I feel like he's still interested but I can't tell if he is. Also? Does it count that, although he doesn't sing or play guitar for anybody, when I asked him to sing and play for me he said one day. We've both have a ton in common and get along well. He's called me attractive and we can talk about everything without it being a huge deal. He says he respects me and has stopped talking sexually completely. I don't want to seem desperate to hang out with him or anything and I can be extremely awkward and random so I don't want to mess it up if and when we do hang out. I'm also shy so even though I want to ask I clam up and keep my mouth shut because I don't want to bother him. I'm just confused since I've never really been interested in someone this much before. I can't tell if he's interested and I don't want to play the ignoring game some girls do to get his attention but I also don't want to come across him wrong. It's all so confussing. Neither of us are good at texting conversations either since the same thing gets old and the conversation's hard to keep going.


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  • I certainly agree that you're one confused girl right now. Not a big deal, it happens with almost everyone when they are interested so much in someone for the first time. There is a probability he too is feeling a bit shy or awkward about this, and he's just good at hiding that. In any case, if he isn't texting you as much as he used to, just casually text him something like "Heyy, I've noticed you don't text me much now. Is there any issue, and will I be able to help you in any way?". This type of text wouldn't make you feel desperate at all. In fact, his respect/comfort level with you would actually get a boost because he would then know that you actually care about him enough to help him out. Just try it out! If he responds even remotely positively, you'll know he' still interested. But if he seems to ignore you, know the answer. You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain! So just try this! Good luck! :)


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