Is he too shy or am I in the friendzone?

I met this guy a little over a month ago through a mutual friend, and we hit it off almost instantly. We started hanging out (in groups) about three times a week since then.

I have mentioned to some of my friends that I am incredibly attracted to him, but seeing as how he's new to our group, no one can actually read his signs very well. He nonchalantly asked for my number one night because he thought that it was required to have a person in your contacts in order to link up in this phone app, which we both found wasn't the case at all for the app.

The two of us tend to tease each other a lot over numerous things, and turn everything into some form of a friendly competition. I haven't noticed him using this same behavior on other people, nor do I ever hear him talk about other girls, considering I am the only girl hanging around all guys, and the rest of them (except him) don't hold back when it comes to making comments about other girls.

My friends did a sneaky little wingman move once, and left us both alone with each other for almost an hour. We got to know each other on a more personal level, as far as aspirations and life goals go.

Anytime we do go out for group dinners and whatnot, I try not to care too much about the seating arrangements, but somehow we always end up sitting next to each other. There are even occasions where there will be a plethora of empty seats, yet he'll choose to sit right next to me.

He also went out of his way once to visit me at work for a little, prior to meeting up with the rest of the guys, who were nowhere close to my workplace at all.

We do text sometimes, but it's mostly me who initiates the conversations, and he doesn't reply to some...

I also noticed the last time that I went in for a goodbye hug, his face got all serious.

I just need a way to find out without being too aggressive and scaring him away.


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  • I always answer this the same way.

    Girls can't be in the friend zone because guys will still hook up with them even if they're a friend.

    Seriously though, he probably doesn't know what you think about him.


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  • Why not just ask him?


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  • OMG! I'm experiencing a very similar situation except I haven't seen this guy as often. I can't decide whether he's just not interested (so I'm friend zoned I guess) or if he's just too shy to make a move.

    Sorry, I'm completely useless here as far as answers go, but I'll be checking in later to see what the answers are. Best of luck :)