Girl is 18 year old college freshman. Boy is 17 year old high school junior?

I'm a freshman in college & I met this guy who is only a year younger than me & seems really nice, but he's just a junior in high school. I'm a full time student, I'm going to be leaving the country for a few months soon & I have two jobs. I don't know if he'd understanding or mature enough.
Should even try to have any type of relationships with him?

  • just be friends with him
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  • You can either enjoy what you have now and just tell him the truth that your leaving for school etc . That way if you did date him he would know what he would be getting himself into.Also I think it depends on how much you like him? Is he more of a friend? Or can be something more is the chemitsry is their? Another drawback with dating people younger then you is the matority level.He may act imatore at times becuase of his age. You can look at this situation in a lot of different ways.And I think it depends on what you want out of this with him?


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  • All guys in high school want is sex. Don't fall for it