What did this guy mean? What are we?

College hookup, its become a regular thing. I asked him what we were and he said he didn't know. Then when i asked what we were going to do when we came back in the fall (1 week left of school) and he said it depends on what we both do over summer. Then i told him some guy liked me (the same night) and he said "go and tell the guy that you're unavailable".

What does this mean? What are we?


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  • Sounds like some jealousy. He can't ask you to tell a guy you're "unavailable" if he doesn't know where you stand in his mind. That's game playing and possession. I'd let him know that if you guys aren't anything, then you're both free to explore your options.

  • It sounds like he is using you only for hook ups, but seeing you with other guys makes him jelaous cuz he thinks of you as something he owns in a way...