Is he stringing me along or is he being genuine?

I met a guy a few months ago we have been seeing each other for about 3 months. He is 40 and has always been in serious relationships says he doesn't like being on his own and wanted to be with someone and that's what I thought he intended with me. He split from his ex last July but still speaks to her from time to time but says she hurt him so much he could never get back with her. He says he has feelings for me he is constantly texting me etc but we haven't been out on a proper dinner date. He has taken me out for drinks and I have met his friends he has kissed me in public etc. A couple of times he has suggested going out in London for the day etc but he always ends up too busy or working etc so we don't end up going. He has his own company and works a lot. Has had a lot on recently firstly had operation then other health problems then car crash etc. But my friends feel like he is stringing me along and using me for sex as he hasn't been making proper plans with me? I don't know what to think. I have said to him before that I feel like he makes no effort but all he does is apologise that he's upset me he doesn't really change. He texts me all the time morning and night so I thought that's a good sign but my friends say he is just keeping me sweet and playing me doesn't want proper commitment? They think that he's had his relationships now and Is just doing what he wants and fitting me in when he has nothing else to do. I'm unsure what to do, should I walk away from him now? Or is it just bad timing due to everything he has had going on and will he make more of an effort in future?


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  • I would have to agree with your friends completely. He told you that he doesn't want to be alone, to me that says that it doesn't matter who he is with. Think about that you want and what you are willing to put up with. I'm willing to bet that you want more and deserve more too. I would suggest cutting him loose (as hard as that may be) and finding someone who is willing to put in the effort you are looking for.