Is he toying with me if he doesn't respond to this?

Guy I have been friends with a while. We always text. He is a texter.
He's been blowing hot and cold lately. He's going away on vacation and I told him I hope he can show me pics when he's away if he has time.
Before blowing cold, he'd say things like for sure etc. But so far he's said nothing. What the heck is up with him? He's been so weird with me for like a month now.
I don't know if I should even say anything else to him.


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  • Why can't you just be honest with your feeling?

    • ...huh?

    • Oh if you mean tell him, I've already told him I feel like I'm bugging him, what's up what's wrong etc but he changes the subject. Otherwise has been generally impossible to talk to :-/

    • He could simply just want to enjoy his vacation and get away from everything. You need to act like any ordinary person and not text him often. Treat him ORDINARY and don't show you are all over him. He plays hot and cold, you play cold but you can still say hi and how are you once in while. If he likes you, he will be coming around. Make it seem like you don't like games. But in all honesty, you should be trying to move on. These type of games are silly.

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