How do i ask the number of this girl?

I haven't been in a relationship for a while and 2 weeks ago a cute girl who lives nearby started following me on instagram and i followed her back. We started liking each others photos and last week i added her as a friend on Facebook. The problem is i don't actually know her and don't know how to approach her. I would like to hang around with her and learn more about her so i can see if she is the one for me. Please some advice on how to approach her, i don't want to ruin this...


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  • If you have mutual friends, use them to do a group hangout or something. Otherwise just message her (or ask her in person if you see her) and ask her to hang out.

    Good luck!


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  • Send her this:
    Hey I've not met you,
    And this is crazy,
    But here's my number,
    So call me maybe.

    Actually don't do that. It was easier in the 1800s. You'd just ask her Dad for permission to call upon his daughter, and your intentions were right out there for everyone to see. These days there are so many kinds of relationships that it gets confusing.

    If you have any friends in common, use them as an excuse to meet her. Ask her about herself. Listen specifically for details of what her interests are and what leisure time activities she's into. Later on once you've made her laugh a few times (with stuff YOU came up with) invite her out to do something you know she likes.

    That's all after the hard part, which is breaking the ice. I suggest the direct approach.

    You: I totally want to get to know you. Just sayin'.
    Her: What do you want to know? (or "fuck off" which while disappointing has the virtue of being direct)
    You: Honestly? What do you think would be a good first date? (assuming she didn't tell you to fuck off)

    • I don't know the people she hangs around with, so it is hard for me to find something out about her interests that way. So should i just ask for her number on Facebook and take a gamble if she likes me enough to give it to me? So i can get to know her through Whatsapp and then later on maybe in person?