GIRLS ONLY. How do I talk to this girl online?

GIRLS ONLY. So just recently I joined this social networking website called MeetMe I really like this site and found a girl in my area I'm interested in befriending but I have no idea what to say, her profile has some content but offers absolutely no points of conversation as she was very through with details, she has pictures but nothing outdoors. And all girls profiles on there are like that too.

I have no friends because I've always had trouble coming up with things to say. I can't think of even one thing to say. I want friends!

How do I befriend her? What do I say? How do I make friends with girls online? How do I get them to hangout with me?


Well girls feel free to answer.


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  • Just ask her how it's going with her, ask for her hobbies (talk about one of her hobbies?), ask her how old she is, if she got pets, etc :)


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  • There are so many thinks to talk about with someone you don't know. Start with how are you, how was your day, any plans for tonight and so forth. Then you can eventually start asking her about her family and friends, goals, dreams and so on. Even just asking her, her favourite show is good.

    We just like friendly people who can carry a conversation and who are interested in what we're saying. Make sure you ask follow up questions so she knows you understand what she's saying and that you are interested.

    You seem nice and I'm sure you'll make lots of friends. Just remember to relax and that the people on that site have the same intentions as you.

  • I have one question. What's the website like? I want to try online dating but I've been nervous. Is it safe and all?

    • I really don't recommend social networking websites for dating. But dating sites like pof (plenty of fish) and okcupid are pretty safe, but always make sure you meet in public places on like the first date.

  • Say hey ur really cute and I have been wondering what to say. And she'll say something nice back she could also ask a question so just stay calm and answer on. But don't be to forward or to slow. But be nice.


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