Is she busy with finals or should I forget about her?

About two weeks ago, I went on a date with an art student that seemed to go incredibly well. Not only was she unambiguously comfortable with me (she let me try her drink and told me I had nice eyes) but we made out quite a bit and made plans for a second date.

Anyway, this second date is supposed to be this Sunday, as she had finals for this week and the one before and didn't have time to meet again until after she was done with them. Anyway, I texted her the day after the date (almost two weeks ago,) and told her that I had a good time and looked forward to seeing her this coming Sunday. She still hasn't responded to my text. I'm not sure if she's just so busy with finals, she's not responding to texts or if for whatever reason, she decided she didn't want to see me again. Which of the two possibilities seems more likely?


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  • As someone who when through art school, when I was in finals week I would have to remind myself to take breaks, walk around, and eat. She could be stuck in the studio not knowing whether it is night or day. I liked the other suggestion of calling her.

  • Maybe she just didn't think your text warranted an answer? Call her this week to ask her on the next date; she's probably waiting for it.


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