If guys find me attractive, why am I still single?

I'm 21 and I've had 3 boyfriends. First one was too young to commit, was with him from age of 19. Second one just wanting sex so we split up. Third one was a player and cheated on me.

I love the idea of love, and I put effort in even if the guys not. I have been naïve in past and got sucked in to the charm and behaviour of certain guys but I believe I've grown up and learnt what I don't want in a guy.

I'm having trouble as guys seem to like my looks, but just want sex. I don't have a bad personality its just I feel like I meet guys who are immature and can't form proper relationships with me.

I'm not saying I'm perfect, no-one is. I just mean I'm kind, supportive, fun, respectful and very loyal. Never cheated and never would. Always put people before me and I have a reserved nature. I've only ever approached one guy in life.

From the start of year up till now I'd say I've been approached about 30 times by guys. All they say is your beautiful etc, but then I think well you like my looks so I always think its of sexual nature and it usually is. I don't give my number out easily.

I've even had one guy say , be with me you won't want for anything. I'll take you on holiday. Its almost like being bought. I'm not that kind of girl. I've been out with unemployed guys, guys who work part time.

If I like a guy I like him for him not what he can buy me. I like to have the spark. I don't dress revealing at all. Never show boobs or legs. I dress nice but covered up. If I go out I wear dresses that are classy.

When guys see me its always about my looks, when I'm a person to with a heart who does want commitment. For me its not about sex I want something real.

I know it takes time though. I've tried online and guys still talk to me the same. Few are nice guys though, but it didn't work out. I feel doomed and don't want to end up alone.


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  • Why don't you tell them you don't want to have sex before marriage? Then you can weed out the guys who are only looking for sex.


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  • People have told me I have great personality that one of them wish I had a girlfriend guys like me are out there is just in highschool girls didn't want us so are confidence is low when we become adults so anyways if your sick of guys pursuing you for sex than the problem is girls want to be asked out and basically guys that are asking u out r the ones that use sex as a motivation... the guys that are not pursuing r the ones u go for cuz their motivation is not sex... forget about u wanting to be asked out... I'm telling you good guys are often not the pursuer... when jerks and guys u don't want.. the good guy is looking at those guys you attract and is like I don't want to compete with that and besides the guy feels that these guys that are annoying you that your focused on cuz they want sex at the same time your not noticing the good guy cuz he's kind of hiding... you need to nudge a good guys confidence if u want to really be asked out... be extra nice/extra friendly/touch him subtly.. when you sit next to him stroke his hair... also complimenting him will definetly help and don't worry if he doesn't get the hint right away just keep giving the same sign over and over again... also don't do to many different signs of liking him cuz that confuses us guys just do one that maybe he's more likely to respond to!!!


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