Tips for dating a recent divorcee?

I have gone on one date with someone who is 25, and recently divorced. I don't know when the divorce happened, but I know she was only married about a year ago, so it was a short marriage. Only other thing I know about it is that her mom is really catholic and basically almost disowned her for getting a divorce and that caused some issues.

I like her and we have talked about going on another date, but I don't know if I should take things slower with someone who just got divorced? Should I wait to make a move in terms of going for a kiss, or other stuff? Or should I just treat it like normal?


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  • Treat it like normal. If she isn't ready, move on.


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  • Be careful. They might have divorced because she was a bad wife.

    • Should I ask why they got divorced? Like is that too nosey, or should I just wait to see if she talks about it?

    • I would not ask her why she got divorced just observe her carefully to make sure she's a good person.

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