Why do girls initiate text conversations and then suddenly stop?

Biches be crazy!

So I've been seeing this one girl. She always initiates text messages asking how I am, etc. and then when I reply she stops texting out of the blue. A day or two goes by and she texts again. Is she playing hard to get? I'm 22, she's about 10 years old than me, but isn't that a little too old to be playing hard to get?

I don't know, sometimes I don't understand biches.

First off forgive me, I have the bad habit of referring to women as biches. Anyway, me and this girl have had a friends with benefits relationship, I'm not a bad looking guy myself, and she is attractive. I just hate it when girls play games.


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  • I think you're being too sensitive. Some girls just aren't texters...doesn't mean "biches be crazy" or they're not interested.
    Some people are really busy and they don't have the time to sit by their phone so they can reply to a text. Some girls would just prefer to get to know someone differently. Some girls don't like having hands on convos via text and they just use texts to translate simple messages. That doesn't necessarily mean she's playing hard to get, she may just have a busy life. Doesn't make them biches, just means you need to get a hobby so that you aren't just waiting around for someone to reply to you.


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  • If it was me I would want you to start texting me first so that I know that you are trying too not just me.

  • maybe your boring.

    or maybe. just maybe, she has a life and got busy with something?

  • Maybe they want the guy to start initiating them...


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