It'll be my first kiss, kissing tips and some general questions?

I have never kissed a boy (although lately I've had some really awkward attempts at cheek kisses lol.) I can tell my boyfriend wants to kiss me and I do too. (except he keeps hinting trying to in front of hid and my parents and I'm like nooooo not here, not NOW in front of your rents!) he has kissed a girl before (but I'm not sure what kind or for how long) so I'm kinda worried about my inexperience. =/

I would like some general kissing tips and I have a lot of questions (sorry if it's too long, I'm completely clueless =/):

Do you lightly suck when your lips touch theirs or do you just hold your mouths together?

Should I wear a lip balm of some kind?

How do I hint for a kiss?

Should the first kiss contains tongue or no?

How much does lip kissing mean to you?

And most importantly, HOW DO YOU KISS?!

Thanks in advance! ^_^


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  • aw. you sound like me two months ago.

    anyways. everyone told me and I didn't believe any of them: "you just KNOW what to do." and all my worrying and questioning and googling did nothing. you seriously just know what to do the minute it happens. I guess if you need a similar motion, it's like eating an apple. lock onto one lip lightly and kiss it, pull away, do it again...

    do it when he makes the move, before it gets to be unnaturally late for a kiss. just go with it, and, I swear to god, DO NOT BE NERVOUS. there is nothing to worry about. you'll figure it out in 2 seconds and then be great at it. if it helps, let him take the lead for the beginning, but seriously:


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