What do you do when you find someone you know on a dating website?

It seems very embarrassing. What would you do?

I created a completely fake account with a fake name on POF just to see what kind of people were on there, I didn't post pictures or much of anything really, I just wanted to browse. From the question I did answer when I was signing up, they gave me "matches" the second match in my "ultra matches" was a guy who is two years older than me that knew when I was a sophomore and he was a senior. It was embarrassing to me, obviously he had no idea I was even on or looking at his profile, but I think it stopped me from even wanting to make a true account, though if I got him when I made a real account I wouldn't be opposed to it as I am attracted to him and have been ever since I've known him.

What do you do if this happens for real? Is it embarrassing? Have you ever had it happen to you?


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  • I know somebody that had an account on several sites and a couple of them were sites I was on. In fact she wanted me to set up her profiles which I did. And then I went and hide mine lol. She was hitting on so many guys in one night on one site that the sites temporary stopped her messages for the day. Later on I got a call from someone I know that knows her to asking me if I had heard the news about her being in the hospital because she had caught a STD. But that's the type of people I see on those sites. They are usually rejects. And the ones that seem halfway different even though they're not all that, they think they are more than special and don't reply. That's why I don't bother with those sites any more.


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  • It doesn't matter. I know tons of girls on online dating and many even share their experiences with me.

    My brother's ex hit her 1st year in a relationship off okcupid I think.
    I know a girl from childhood who's been married from match.com.
    I went to a wedding of a friend who met a girl off okcupid.
    I have seen profiles of numerous girls at my second job.
    I talked with a guy from my 1st job who used online dating.

    It just keeps going.

  • There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Online dating is widely accepted. It has its pros and cons. Is good for some and bad for others. Don't gossip what you see on there. Don't gossip period. If you really want to know what online dating is like, send him a message and tell him who you are. Or contact him outside online dating. He has his picture up so he obviously isn't ashamed to be on there. Maybe you two can date or maybe just be online dating buddies that help each other out. It is nice to have someone from the opposite sex you can talk to when stuff happens online. Kinda like on here.

  • Try to get to know him and play with his mind and tell him he knows you and profess your emotions and if he likes it you can meet! Hey you never know what cupid is up to!!

    • I don't want to do that on a fake profile, do I?

    • If you do you can just say that you were too embarrassed to have a true profile! And you were happy to see a familiar face and needed to say helo

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