Damn Facebook crush? odd I know!?

So as the title states, I was going around friends' friends and ran into a mutual friend who had lots of interests that I had, have more than likes in common. I think she is gorgeous! Though there is quite a bit distance between us. However, I am not sure if I sent a friend request to her or not because I don't remember. I went to her page and I've option to add her as friend. But to avoid second time adding/being a creep. I did a scenario on my other FB account of adding my self as friend, then going back to my original account and declined the request, now went back to the other FB account...it has option to add me again. In other words even if I sent her request, and she declined it'll show add as a friend. SO I don't know if I should add her, considering I am not trying to do it again, but I don't know if I did or she declined?


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  • I've got it! =D you could send her a message =) it's possible to do so when you aren't friends, you could just be like, "Hey, I'm ___. Facebook told me I might know you ;)" or something lol Good Luck! =) (check in her about section if she's single though!!)


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  • She might have declined your request. But I don't think many people do that, they just leave their requests right there. At least people I know do. It's rude to ignore a request.
    Anyway, you could try sending her a message but make it as less creepy as possible. A lot of weird guys on Facebook, you don't wanna look like one of them!

    • Thanks, ill try to message her. I know she didn't leave it hanging because then her page would of said "friend request sent", it says add friend, so either i didn't sent her one or she declined. I dont remember cause I sent a few more. Sounds fucked but recent co-workers. Lol

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