How to keep a guy I really like?

Hi :)
Last year I met this guy 4 years older than me at a rowing regatta that we were both competing in, but went on our separate ways.
Coincidentally, we met again in January this year at the gym (I'm 18), and we've been attending fitness classes together and have been sparring with each other (boxing). It was cool and we enjoyed each others' company :) He's good looking and really fit with abs, biceps and a nice back but most of all he's super kind :)

He then asked me out and I was thrilled because I liked him too. He's a medical student at the same university I've been accepted in (studying law) and we have fun debating and he talks about the interesting stuff he learns :)
It was good until...
I went to his house for dinner and realised that his family was super rich, with a massive house and his father is actually a famous actor (couldn't believe my eyes)

He made it clear that he likes me, but I feel like I'm out of his league. I was really happy until I realised how rich he was... I don't want to seem like a golddigger and I'm scared he'll leave me for some hot model or something. I did go to a private school and blah but I don't fly first class, play golf, have no experience in wine tasting etc :(

Are there any tips on keeping a guy interested? Do I still stand a chance? I have a feeling that he will leave me or something because I'm not good enough for him...


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  • Talk to him about what he likes to do in life, and what will give him a feeling of having fun. Talk about what you enjoy too.
    Try to incorporate pieces of both in what you do together.
    And let him feel - or just tell him - that you're happy to have met him and that you feel at ease with him.

    Do NOT worry about the rich or poor thing, if you love him you love him!
    It's also a good test for you to-be relationship. If it's suffering from the difference in wealth, unfortunately, he's not you guy.
    But I think it will work.

    I would even say: if you have questions about the consequence of the difference in wealth, have an open chat with him about it. It will relax you!

    • Thanks for most helpful and thumbs up for a happy relationship :-)

    • Hey :) thanks very much! Had an open chat with him and he says his parents like me so there shouldn't be a problem ATM :D

    • So happy for you, enjoy!
      Hear you later :-)

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  • He chose you people don't choose people out of their league to date you had no clue he was rich. If you feel insecure about it sit down and talk with him about it the cool thing about you and him is you can learn from each other. He can learn and enjoy the simple pleasures that we ordinary people like and you can learn snout his upper class activites that people like him do. Also he likes you for you other wise he wouldn't have asked you out in the first place.

  • Lots of happy fun affectionate sex.
    Lots of happy fun non sexual activities.


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  • Do not allow his families status to justify your worth. You said you are going to go to college. That shows that you most likely will want to make your own money not mooch off someone else. Besides he's not rich, his parents are. Good luck!!

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