Why do people always tell me to date?

As a man who is almost 25, I do not date. I have never had a girlfriend but for many reasons. I do not want to be in a relationship ever. I do not approach women, I do not ask them out, and I don't talk to them. I have had women approach me, I rejected them. I want nothing to do with dating and the drama it brings. My family always tries to set me up and I always tell them I'm not interested. I am also a college student. I'm not there to meet people, I am not there to meet women or socialize with people, and I am not there to be anyone's friend. I'm there to learn. I go to class and leave. So why does my family push this issue on me? I never bring it up to them either.


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  • If you don't want to date that is fine because you run life the way you want it too. It's no big deal to not date anybody.


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  • If you are not interested in women or men or ever being in a relationship you could subscribe to an asexual identity. If you think this is the case, tell your family and maybe they can better understand where you're coming from. they just want babies they can dress up and cuddle with and stuff. get them a puppy maybe?


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