How do I come up with some interesting casual date ideas that appeal to younger women?

trying to come up with some casual date ideas that would appeal to younger women aged 19-25 . not your typical dinner and movie dates but rather more casual encounters that were not necessary dates but more a chance for us to hang out / get to know each other. also not looking for ideas that involve sex , alcohol or drugs. I already see a lot of these girls at local bars so looking for things to do with them that go beyond the bar scene.

anyways here is what I have so far , in no particular order and not sure if I have any good ideas so far.

- swimming / boating
- going to gym
- yard sales
- canoeing / kayaking
- bowling
- golf / driving range
- concert
- walking dog
- shopping
- getting a tattoo / piercing


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  • How about a drive around the city talking and holding hands? A walk in a park? A day climbing hills or stairs at a national park? A day fishing?

    • there good ideas but girl would really have to know guy well before going to such private locations with him?

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    • we have a library here but these girls more type to use library when at school but not likely go there on free time to public library. anyways I'm not sure what kind of things a girl be willing to do at this stage is she didn't know guy that well

    • art galleries and museums are good today but I don't know how much they cost or how far they are. I pay $14 dollars to go the museum plus $6 dollars to take the subway there and back.

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