What are some ideas for a first date with an older man?

I have never had a boyfriend before and wasn't interested in anyone until now and I wanted to try and take my chances and ask out this guy I really, really, really like. I think he likes me a little too ^^. ANYWAY! I wanted some ideas for a first date.. Nothing too romantic or very casual.

He is 26 years old and I'm 18 years old.


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  • Call me old fashioned, but as the older man, why isn't he coming up with something for the two of you to do? Or at least make the decision together?

    • I'm old fashioned too and don't like the idea of having to come up with it but since I'm making the first move I might as well have some ideas.

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    • Either that or he's very shy and inexperienced.

      But definitely look at the other suggestions if you still want to give it a try. No harm in trying something new.

    • That's true I suppose. I should at least put myself out there though.

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  • Well, when I read 'older' I thought he'd be just under 40. You'll be surprised to find out that you will have some common ground despite the 8 years separating you! And it's very bold of you to walk up to him, really, I admire your balls :D

    As for a date...hmm, I'd say maybe make your move and let him decide. Else, going out for a coffee always works. If he acts younger, you can go on the playful side and take him to the fun fair!

    • Lol XD It really isn't like me but just ah what the hell. He acts a bit younger than he is, like he is 22. There is an amusement park in town right now, should I invite him to that?

    • To tell you the truth, if it is mutual, he won't really mind the place, so everything is acceptable. Trust me, when we guys like a girl, we don't give a damn about the place we will date her!

    • That's comforting, thanks :)

  • Doing something you both enjoy would b a good start. I suppose it depends on how much you know him already.

    If you know him well then you may want to do something that encourages a lot of interaction.

    If you don't know him very well and feel the two of you might be nervous, then activities that provide some distractions may avoid too many uncomfortable moments.


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  • be natural don't try anything to impress him (remember he has got more experience in life than you)...be careful since you don't know him that much..meet him in a public place and try to know him as much as possible (without acting like an investigator of course)..then after the date..try to evaluate is he was worth it or not...normally its kind of easy to know is he is serious or not